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Professional Paint Protection Film installation trainings

The Wraptrade Training Center organizes installation trainings for paint protection films. As representing multiple brands, we are both making factory direct trainings with our suppliers and self-organized trainings with our selected Wraptrade trainers. After completing the factory certified trainings all attendees will be presented with direct factory certificates, while fullfilling Wraptrade trainings will grant you a Wraptrade Certificate and presence on the Wraptrade Preferred Installer Network. During factory trainings the trainer is always delegated by the brand the training is organized for.

Our info sheets of trainings contain information on the trainer as well, so you will exactly know who to expect. Our Wraptrade trainers are the very experts of the PPF industry doing daily installation of PPF films with vast experience. They have also been working with a variety of PPF films, leading brands of the industry as well as products of smaller manufacturer. They are capable of installing all material without judging and personal preferences.

Beginner and advanced levels

There are 2 different training types. The begginer training is a 2-days course, strictly practice. First we introduce you to the different tools used during installation, then turn to cleaning. Learning and practising installation techniques takes up the rest of the first day. The second day starts with finishing, cutting the edges, wrapping over the edges, etc. The rest available time is taken for overall practice. After some months of practicing partners can return for an advanced training.

The advanced training session is more like a troubleshooting event. Guests are expected to bring up questions and the trainer answers them and shows the handling of the issues. All of our Wraptrade.com trainers go behind the problem, not only show the solution, but also explains why the problem exists, so that attendees can really understand the way PPF works.

Trainings focusing on bulk installation

Wraptrade.com trainings are focused on bulk installation of PPF only. Although we offer pre-cut kits as well to our customers, we consider bulk installation a more professional and more liberal way of application than pattern based installations. This of course can be and is disputed in the industry, but still, our opinion holds. If you are interested in learning techniques that will enable you to work freely on any form and any car, then the Wraptrade Training Center is the right place for you.

Easy to reach location

The Wraptrade Training Center is located in Budapest, one of the most influential cities in Central Eastern Europe. Flight connetions are abundant and the Hungarian Wizz air flight company offers connetions from multiple locations for a very favorable pricing. Our colleagues will help you with transportation and will take care of you during your stay. We also welcome our guests on short sightseeing tours after the training hours.


Upcoming training sessions

Date Level # of free spaces Trainer Language Detailed information
(1 day)
advanced 4 free spaces Alex Sinka English pdf
(2 days)
beginner 5 free spaces Alex Sinka English pdf
(1 day)
advanced 5 free spaces Alex Sinka English pdf






 Completed training sessions

Date Level Trainer Language Photos
1 day
advanced Tibor Zámbó English photos on Facebook
(2 days)
beginner Alex Sinka German photos on Facebook
(1 day)
advanced Mario Überall Hungarian photos on Facebook

(1 day)

advanced Mario Überall Hungarian photos on Facebook
(1 day)
advanced Mario Überall Hungarian photos on Facebook
(1 day)
advanced Mario Überall Hungarian photos on Facebook
(1 day)
advanced Alex Sinka English photos on Facebook
(1 day)
advanced Tibor Zámbó English photos on Facebook
(1 day)
advanced Alex Sinka English coming soon











Contact us

If you have any questions or inquiries, we will be happy to assist you. Our colleagues are available by email at info@wraptrade.com or by phone: +361 410 7611



"Wir waren 2 Tage beim Wraptrade um die Grundkenntinisse der Stek steinschutzfolien zu erlernen. Wichtigster Punkt zuerst:
Sehr gute Qualität des Kurses sehr qualifiziert Erfahrene und Praxisorientierte Trainer. Sehr Gute Weiterbildungsorganisation und -Location . Gerne wieder! Absolut empfehlenswert."
(Valon Kastrati, Platinum Cars GmbH)