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Global is one of the leading automotive window film manufacturers in the world – its new and efficient technologies are better than the dyed-metallized technology that has been the norm in the industry for decades. Car owners will be satisfied with Global’s excellent performance, while installers will enjoy how easy its installation is.


Global IR Supreme

The Global IR Supreme series represents the highest quality available worldwide.

Outstanding heat protection
The heat protection of the Global IR Supreme series is exceptional. Thanks to its infrared radiation absorbing particles, it only transmits 5% of the incoming heat, guaranteeing a comfortable ride for everyone!

Extreme UV protection
The harmful effects of UV radiation are well-known. It damages not only the skin, but also the eyes. The Global IR Supreme series filters 99.9% of UV radiation, protecting your skin and eyes from these damages.

SuperShrink and AntiStatic technology
Global is the only manufacturer in the world that produces even the polyester material itself as well, resulting in the highest quality available. Thanks to its SuperShrink and Anti Static technologies, it is easy to install and lasts longer.

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Global QDP Ceramic

Global QDP Ceramic is a ceramic-based window film series with Strong heat protection. Its manufacturing technology results in a much better performance than the dyed-metallized films that have been on the market for decades.

Heat protection for real
The use of the QDP Ceramic series reduces the feeling of heat in the car significantly thanks to its infrared absorbing quality: it filters up to 80% of IR radiation.

The film’s ceramic technology results in durability, while highly light resistant pigments allow for the dyed layer’s high performance for long years.

Heat protection with light films? Yes indeed!
Thanks to its manufacturing technology, even the lighter films of the QDP Ceramic series have excellent heat protective qualities: while their visible light transmission is high, their infrared radiation filtering is still outstanding.

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Global HP

Even though the dyed-metallized Global HP series is behind in performance compared to the QDP Ceramic and IR Supreme series, it is an economic choice and provides better heat protection than purely dyed films.

Privacy protection
The film’s insight protection offers help against prying eyes, so that you can be assured that the valuables you leave in the cargo space or on the backseat are safe.

Wide product range
The Global HP series is available with many different visible light transmission levels, which satisfy all needs. The darkest film, which only transmits 5% of visible light, provides complete insight protection, while the 50% version is barely perceivable from the inside.

Thanks to its highly light-resistant pigments, the Global HP series provides a balanced experience for years and years.

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