Skyfol PPF Wrap

The high end wraps


Stylish, coloured paint protection film with self-healing property

The monopoly of transparent paint protection films is a thing of the past

Colorful, patterned paint protection films are becoming more and more widespread on the market.

Coloured PPFs mean the future of car wrapping..

In the past, if we wanted to change the color of our car, only PVC-based, "orange peel" films were available from the selection of car wrapping films. Skyfol PPF Wrap materials are all glass-effect, mirror-shiny materials, in addition they provide professional protection to the paintwork against scratches and stone chips.

Why should I choose Skyfol PPF Wrap?

What we offer you is the best film solution available if you want to give your car a new look while ensuring maximum protection!

Self-healing feature

Like all Skyfol PPF series, PPF Wrap is self-healing, so micro-scratches disappear from its surface by heat. Anyone who has ever seen a scratched polished surface when the sun shines on it knows how important this property is. The special structure of the surface coating allows the film to return to its original state. It is important, however, that more serious mechanical influences already penetrate this surface coating and do not disappear, but the wear and tear that occurs during everyday use and cleaning does not appear on the surface of the film.

More durable than PVC films

Skyfol PPF Wrap coloured paint protection films provide a durable solution for changing the colour of the car: thanks to the polyurethane raw material, which are much more durable than general PVC car wrapping films. With the help of appropriate car care, the paint protection film will remain in perfect condition for a long time, in addition to the original paintwork underneath also has maximum protection.

If you would like to have the coloured PPF removed from the car after years, you can get the original paintwork back!

Easy to clean

Thanks to the water repellency of the surface, the Skyfol PPF Wrap paint protection film has similar cleanability attributes to ceramic coatings. At the same time, it provides protection from mechanical impacts and makes your car easier to clean.

An increasingly expanding wide selection

The range of Skyfol PPF Wrap series is constantly expanding, you can currently choose from 23 vibrant colors!

Three distinct manufacturing techniques – three innovative solutions

Three distinct types crafted through advanced manufacturing techniques: cast, extruded, and air-channeled. Discover the unparalleled benefits offered by each innovative technology!!

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