UPPF paint protection films


UPPF is a relatively new brand on the market, available for professional installers for the first time in Europe at Wraptrade.com. UPPF is an emerging brand on the market, focuses on the quality and striving for the maximum during product developments. We are proud that our customers access new brands easily in Wraptrade’s offer, helping with this to increase the brand’s global recognition.


Coloured paint protection films


From spring of 2024, besides the basic colors, a wide selection of ’metallic’ and ’metal chrome’ PPF will be available. Currently 16 gorgeous colours are accessible at Wraptrade.com. The UPPF coloured range will be continuously expanded this year with additional unique colours.

All the UPPF coloured PPF are made of durable, high-quality materials, need to be installed with wet method.

Clear paint protection films


UPPF's classic paint protection films can be found in Wraptrade's range, both glossy and satin versions:

  • P20 Nano, the installer’s favourite PPF, very easy to work with it.
  • P20 Max, with increased thickness (250 micron), recommended for extreme circumstances.
  • P20 Pro Clear, the top of UPPF clear paint protection films. Thicker top coat, with more glossy surface.
  • Matte8, for the lovers of stylish matte appearance. Easy to stretch & install.



UPPF H-series contains of coloured PPF for head & tail lights – make them more stylish, but also provide efficient protection from stone chips, sratches and fading.
UPPF's premium quality TPU lamp films are available in 4 VLT: 25, 35, 50 and 70%.


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Distributor partners:

  • Autofólie Zuzi (Slovakia)
  • Astra Folio (Bulgaria)
  • UPPF.cz - Miroslav Koutnik (Czech Republic)
  • Autodecor (Lithuania)
  • Rednic ProDetailing (Romania)