UPPF Coloured Paint Protection Films now available on Wraptrade

Amazing look and durable protection for the car


UPPF is a brand with a global network, now present in more than 85 countries, that places a strong emphasis on quality, striving for excellence in product development. We are proud that its products have become available to installers on the Wraptrade platform for the first time in Europe!


Coloured Paint Protection Films


Coloured paint protection films represent the future of car wrapping – that's why our primary goal is to offer installers high-quality materials, premium brands, and a wide selection of colors.

Wraptrade's selection now includes 12 unique UPPF colors. All films feature self-healing and water-repellent properties. In addition to an impressive appearance, they provide durable protection against stone chips, scratches, and corrosive contaminants.

What are the advantages of a coloured PPF?

Self-healing coating
Thanks to this feature, surface damage, minor scratches, and stone chips disappear with heat. The original paint remains untouched beneath the new color.

More durable
Compared to traditional PVC car wrapping films, UPPF material is polyurethane, which has durability incomparable to that of PVC films. Even after years, if you decide on a new color, the film can be removed without leaving any residue!

Stain resistance
Extremely hydrophobic and resistant to corrosive contaminants (bird droppings, tree sap, other chemicals), making them easy to wash off.

No "orange peel" effect
Unlike many car wrapping films, UPPF films have a perfectly smooth surface and retain their unmatched surface gloss for a very long time.




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Distributor partners:

  • Autofólie Zuzi (Slovakia)
  • Astra Folio (Bulgaria)
  • UPPF.cz - Miroslav Koutnik (Czech Republic)
  • Autodecor (Lithuania)
  • Rednic ProDetailing (Romania)