New tools in our selection!

New tools in our selection!

Novelties from SOTT


We are happy to announce the arrival of the latest addition to our tool selection, from SOTT.

In the first phase of including SOTT items in the wraptrade.com offer, please see below the first items to become available:

SMT-1401 Ultraclean Dust- and Structure Free Cloth

A completely lint and dust-free cloth that doesn’t release a single fiber during polishing, which enables the perfect cleaning of any surface. It also has extremely high moisture absorbency.


SMT-1402 Scotchbrite Scrub Sponge

Non-scratch scrub sponge perfect for leaning any surface you want that will not scratch the surface when wet. Ideal for cleaning shop windows, glass, plastics, etc. Also, it removes adhesive residues, too!


SMT-1408 | SMT-1409 Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad

This pro-quality scourer works very well for the removal of tough dirt and little bumps on car and home windows. Available in two sizes.


SMT-1412 CarWrap Cleaner Scrub Pad

This special white sponge extracts all dirt released from imperfection in a film, returning it to its original color. Rinse the film with water and job done!


SMT-3115 The Hustler

This cleverly shaped squeegee is a must for every installer. Its different sides make it extremely practical for pushing film under rubbers, into mirror housings or around roof racks without damaging the film.


SMT-3116 The Factotum II

The Factotum is the ultimate solution for those hard-to-reach spots that every installer encounters regularly. Both ends have different shapes so no crevice or gap poses a problem for this amazingly useful instrument. Strong and flexible.


SMT-3413 | SMT-3414 WrapEdge felt

A clean wrapping result is partly dependent on easy squeegeeing without scratching. The WrapEdge has a special moisture-absorbent sponge layer for wet work, for an even better result. 1 and 2 mm thick.


SMT-3419 Waterbomb

The SOTT Waterbomb is a professional high-pressure sprayer ideal for window film and PPF installation. It is a must-have for any installer who wants to work more efficiently.


SMT-4205 Silirub2 élzáró Neutral silicone sealant that can be used after exterior window film installations.