Iristek car wrapping - Fancy colours!

Iristek car wrapping - Fancy colours!

Wide selection, premium quality, vibrant colours


We are happily introducing the product range of Iristek - car wrapping films that Will surely stand out of the crowd.

Iristek car wrapping films are manufactured using professional Germany raw materials. Their colour and surface effects are way beyond conventional wrapping films, and they provide a truly vibrant look to any vehicle.



Super Metallic Ceramic
Satin films with a touch of metallization



Matte Chrome
Elegant and unique - matte chromes are the new stars of the industry


Candy Magic
Pastel shades with a little pearlescent effect




Glossy Metallic
Evergreen gloss metallic look in surprising colours


Super Glossy
Go high gloss, to have the look of fresh factory paint



Gloss metallic appearance at its best with an even more emphasized effect


3D Psychedelic
These iridescent films speak for themselves - extra flashy!


Magic Golden
Great colours with a discreet golden shine to them


Metal Brushed
Brushed films are deservedly popular, in Iristek's range as well


Pearl Metallic
Satin pearlescent wraps in amazing shades



10 different Surface effects and more than 30 colours on stock - with Iristek, success is guaranteed.