Skyfol Flux - the future of window films has arrived

Skyfol Flux - the future of window films has arrived

Automotive and architectural photochromic films


Skyfol Flux is a revolutionary breakthrough in the window film market with the benefits of photochromic glass. Thanks to this, every glass surface can now be turned into photochromic, which means that in sunshine the glass will darken, and in its absence, it will become light again.

It is really practical to filter out disturbing sunshine, while passing as much light as possible in gloomy weather. In addition, these films are able to strongly filter infrared radiation, significantly increasing your comfort level.

In order for easy differentiation, we have indicated separate letters for automotive and architectural films:
Skyfol Flux V - photochromic automotive window film series
Skyfol Flux S - photochromic architectural window film series

For further technical details, please check the related data sheet at this link

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