Cover Styl films for interior design

Cover Styl films for interior design

A multitude of solutions for interior design application


Interior design and decoration has never been so easy as with Cover Styl materials, which make possible a large variety of unique solutions, now also from Wraptrade.com.

Cover Styl self-adhesive PVC films for interior design are available in the following product categories:

  • solid colors, gloss or matt
  • wood
  • natural stone
  • glitter
  • marble
  • metallic
  • fabric
  • leather

Cover Styl films show excellent adhesion on clean, smooth surfaces, like on wood, metal, glass or plastic. Its easy application and the huge variety of different patterns make it possible to fulfil almost any interior design requirements.

For the full range available, and to see more details of each film, please check the following link: Cover Styl range

Cover Styl swatchbooks are also in offer at Wraptrade.com, and for any further question please contact us at info@wraptrade.com

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