A selection of Fusion Tools products at Wraptrade.com

A selection of Fusion Tools products at Wraptrade.com

Squeegees, handles and other tools for a wide range of applications


Fusion Tools, founded in 2002, has long been a well-known manufacturer in the industry, producing durable and good quality tools. Fusion Tools has developed several unique solutions, most importantly their additives promoting sliding – they tend to migrate towards the edge, meaning the tool will not stick on the film surface even after some time of usage.

All products are manufactured in the USA, and now a large selection is available from the stock of Wraptrade.com.

For a list of Fusion Tools products, please use the following link: Fusion Tools product list

Some highlighted tools from the Fusion product range:

  • Orange Crush, the first Fusion Tools squeegee for universal automotive and architectural applications; a real favourite of the industry
  • Teflon Card squeegees in 7 different colours and degrees of stiffness, infused with slip agents to help them glide across their working surfaces
  • Fidget Pack squeegee pack with 3 small squeegees
  • Turbo Pro squeegees in 6 colours for various applications; handles are also available
  • Hornet and Hybrid, specifically for PPF applications, in 4 different sizes each
  • All Type mounting solution, an all-in-one solution that can be used as a prepping cleaner and mounting solution. It is safe for use on window films, vinyl and paint protection films
  • Epic Orange adhesive remover, 3,8 L: specifically for the materials and adhesives used on window films, paint protection films and vinyls, fast & easy removal

...and so much more!

High quality tools for every professional in the industry, now also at Wraptrade.com!

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