Skyfol BabyGuard, the perfect heat protective solution developed for kids

Skyfol BabyGuard, the perfect heat protective solution developed for kids

The new Skyfol automotive window film series with outstanding heat protection


Sunshine can easily turn into an issue when travelling with young children: the car gets hot very quickly, kids can't sleep and they are bothered by sunlight and heat. The solution is offered by the brand-new automotive window film series by Skyfol, which was developed specifically for babies and young children: Skyfol BabyGuard manufactured by cutting edge technology.

  • Outstanding heat protection: Skyfol BabyGuard is produced by nano-technology, and it practically eliminates heat inside the car
  • 99,9% UV protection: the Skyfol BabyGuard series uses the technology of so-called museum films, so it has a unique UV filtering of  99,9%
  • Up to 95% of privacy and light protection in order that excessive light does not bother your kids
  • Protection against shards of glass: in case of breakage, the film keeps the window pane together, so shards will not cause injuries
  • Aesthetic appearance: besides its excellent heat protective function, Skyfol BabyGuard will also improve the look of the car

The BabyGuard series is available exclusively in the offer of Skyfol. Do not be satisfied with anything but the best if it is for your babies' and young kids' protection - the unique Skyfol BabyGuard window films will provide extraordinary travelling comfort for even the youngest passengers.

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