Cover Styl Ultimate Binder Samplebook

Cover Styl Ultimate Binder Samplebook

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The largest Covery Styl catalogue with sticked in samples, alltogether 690 patterns. The patterns in the catalogue can be divided into 2 groups. One part of the products have a green rectangle around the code, maning that it is available within Europe (180 patterns). Out of the available colors we are ready to ship immediately 65 pattrens the rest we can get in about a week. The scond set of patterns have a red rectangle around the code. These patterns aer available to order in full rolls (1,22×50 meters) with cca. 4 weeks lead time and cost more than the standard items with green rectangle. For everyday, smaller jobs we suggest to use the Maxi swatch containing the 180 standard patterns and use the Binder catalogue only for projects with proper volumes, so that ordering in multiples of full rolls would not be an issue.

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