Race Ramps - an essential tool for professional workshops



Race Ramps products provide a high quality, durable and professional solution for workshops installing, moving and displaying. With the help of their special low-profile ramps, the lifting of cars becomes faster and safer, making car wrapping, window tinting, and PPF installation easier!

Why work with Race Ramps?

Light, yet still indestructible! Thanks to its unique design, Race Ramps can be used safely, it does not slip on the floor, and can be used on almost any flat Surface (e.g. grass, sand, concrete). It is also easy to store and transport; most of their products come with practical straps.


Racer Mat

You work sitting or kneeling on the floor? Have you been using polyfoams that wear out fast? Then you should try Racer Mat, which is much more long-lasting and durable than any other mattress. It can be folded, so it doesn't take up too much space in your workshop, and thanks to its material, it is easy to clean.
Its size is 183 x 61 x 3cm, and its weight is about 2 kg.



Service Ramp Medium

Light, practical, and can be disassembled - these are the three qualities of Service Ramp Medium. It is a popular Race Ramps product that is ideal for smaller sports cars as well. It can be disassembled in the middle; you can even stand on it to make your work easier!
Angle: 11°
Size: 142 x 30 x 20cm, weight: 5,6kg/pc
Load Capacity: 700 kg/pc



Trailer Ramp

This elongated product has a lower angle and can be attached to trailers as well. It is super light, yet has a considerable load capacity. It allows for quick and secure moving without any slipping.
Angle: 4,3 °
Size: 170 x 36 x 13cm, weight: around 5,5 kg/pc
Load Capacity: 700 kg/pc



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