Organic Cleaner products



The installer-friendly cleaners of the decoration industry


The Organic Cleaner products have been developed to assure the least exposure to harmful chemicals of our fellow installers. Most cleaners in the industry have vast percentage of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) among their ingredients, our aim when developing the Organic Cleaner family was to fnd a much more installer friendly solution for cleaning.

In the Oragnic Surface Cleaner and Film Cleaner you will find mostly ethanol instead of IPA, a natural ingredient, having way less negative effects on your health, while still granting robust cleaning benefts.

>>> Organic Surface Cleaner 0.75L and 5L

A concentrated surface cleaner with high ethanol content for removing severe contamination. Evaporates quickly leaving a perfect surface prior to installation.


>>> Organic Film Cleaner 0.75L

A 1:1 diluted version of the concentrate, mainly used for cleaning the flm surface after installation or to clean surfaces prior to wet application. Perfectly enought cleaning power, while even better for your health and the environment.

>>> Organic PPF Gel 5L

This installation gel for paint protection films unites the advantages of Organic Cleaners with a lot less harmful effect, with highly efficient installation properties.



>>> Organic De-Tack Solution 0,75 l

Special formula designed to reduce the initial adhesion of high glossy films to prevent creasing and marks during application and repositioning. The material evaporates from under the film within 1-2 weeks, ensuring maximum adhesion. During installation, you'll be able to remove the material easily and without leaving any marks. If you still feel the adhesion is strong, you can apply multiple layers.



They are already using Organic Cleaner products with satisfaction:

"Your cleaner is a very good cleaner, mostly because it doesn’t do so much harm to the enviroment and to us, people working with it and in the same time it’s very effective on dirt and stains. As you know, cleaning and prepearing takes as much time as applying films and vinyl. We spend a lot of time with cleaning products by our hands. So it is a strong degreaser, which is also in the same time not harmful to our health. Congratulations for developing such a good product and thank you for that."
Anita, Graficni Studio, Slovenia

"Surprisingly effective in removing grease without moving traces. Big plus for the healthier aspect."
Jeff, Autobestickeren, Netherlands

"Compared to competitive cleaning agents, this is a perfectly OK material with a much better price/value ratio. It evaporates quickly and can be wiped without any marks left on the surface. This is what we will only use in the future."
Akos, Hungary

"There are only positive things to say, it is a surprisingly strong cleaner considering it contains less chemicals. Also the spray can is perfect: it does not leak and is a great construction."
Andrew, Rapid Folia


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