Global Paint Protection Film – professional protection for your car!





Global PPF is a professional polyurethane material with a high gloss, hydrophobic surface coating. The quality of the film’s surface is outstanding and completely devoid of orange peel effect. Its self-healing is automatic, allowing small scratches from everyday use to disappear.

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Protect your car’s original look

Choose the highest protection with Global PPF – the most efficient way of protecting the paintwork from fading or becoming matte.


Protection from surface damage

A car’s paintwork can be damaged during everyday use in various ways: from mechanical impacts like stone chips, branches of bushes along the road, narrow parking spaces, the vehicle next to us in the parking lot, or even vandalism. Global PPF provides impeccable protection against all of these.


Easy to clean

Global PPF has a special surface topcoat that is hydrophobic. Because of this, cleaning the car is easier and quicker than ever, as contamination cannot penetrate into the film’s structure.


Durable solution

The material of the paint protection film is polyurethane, which is remarkably durable and long-lasting, providing protection for your car for years and years. Thanks to the qualities of the film’s adhesive, it is also easy to remove without stains or damaging the lacquer layer.


Choose Global PPF, and enjoy its unmatched advantages!

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