1. Name of the data manager K&R
Trading Company Ltd. (“K+R”)

2. Address of the data manager
H-1195 Budapest, Hofherr A. u. 3/a

3. Contact details of the data manager
Phone: (+36 1) 410 76 11
Fax: (+361) 410 76 11

4. Data Protection Registry
NAIH-70588/2013; NAIH-70700/2013

5. Place of data management
Data management happens as a result of the user’s voluntary, explicit and knowledgeable consent and registration among the registered users of the website. The place of registration and data management:

6. Legal basis of data management
Data management is conducted by K+R in accordance with Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (“infotv”), with Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities (“Grt”), and with the present Privacy Policy, based on the user’s voluntary, explicit and knowledgeable consent.
By filling in the registration form, the user states that they have familiarized themselves with the Privacy Policy and that they accept it as binding to themselves. By filling in and sending the registration form, the user acknowledges and consents to K+R
recording, keeping and using the data therein, according to details provided in the present Privacy
Policy. The user is sufficiently knowledgeable of the conditions of management of their data, to which they have given their voluntary, explicit and unmistakable consent.

7. The scope of data management
First name and surname (company name in the case of non-natural entities)

Email address
Phone number
Billing and shipping address

8. Aim of the data management
8.1. To be able to process and ship orders placed at the website to the users.
8.2. To send the services ordered (e.g. newsletter) to the users.
8.3. To enable communication between K+R and the users and to document and to file
this interaction.
The data manager is not allowed to use personal details for reasons beyond the above mentioned aims. The data manager transmits personal details to third parties only with the user’s prior, knowledgeable written consent. This clause is not valid for data transmission originating from “infotv” and other legal regulations.

9. Method of data management
Data management happens electronically. K+R does not employ data processors.

10. Duration of data management
Data management is ongoing until the user would like to use the unsubscription option provided by K+R. Unsubscription is possible by sending an email to the following address, stating your wish to unsubscribe:

11. Security of the managed data
Personal data are stored on servers kept on the territory of the Republic of Hungary at K+R, with 24-hour guarding.

12. Availability and modification of the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy is available at
K+R reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Privacy Policy with the prior notification of the users. The user accepts the modifications by using the service provided after the modifications take effect.

13. User’s rights in connection with data management
The users can request information about the management of their personal data. At request, K+R provides information about the data managed, about the aim, legal basis and duration of data management. Please send your request to
, and your request will be answered within 8 days. The users might also solicit the deletion of their data according to the steps in section 10 above.

14. Legal remedy
The users can exercise their legal remedy request at court, based on “Infotv” and on Act V of 2014 on the Civil Code. Additionally, based on “Infotv”, they can solicit the cooperation of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c). With further questions or comments, please contact K+R colleagues at

Budapest, 29 October 2014